2022 Census

Watch video about Census test on Paquetá Island

Section: IBGE | Redação

September 24, 2021 11h43 AM | Last Updated: September 27, 2021 07h20 PM

The 2022 Census goes on at Paquetá, Rio de Janeiro. This is the first field test in the Covid-19 context. An hour's navigation away from downtown, Paquetá – officially a neighborhood in the municipality of Rio, with around 40 streets and 4,000 residents – began being enumerated by the IBGE on September 6th. Among the objectives of the test are the adaptation of the census operation, the calibration of equipment and the mobilization of teams and public opinion.

Next week, supervisors will be in the field checking the operation and revisiting households that did not answer the interviews, in order to apply the questionnaires, leaving no one out. In compliance with health protocols, 12 IBGE enumerators used alternative and complementary approaches to data collection: in person, by telephone and on the Internet. The three collection modes will be used in the official census next year.

Check out the video produced by the IBGE News Agency.