Clube dos Curiosos

IBGE releases children's eBook to stimulate interest in information about Brazil

Section: IBGE | Carmen Nery

October 16, 2020 02h00 PM | Last Updated: October 16, 2020 02h27 PM

  • At a glance

  • Clube dos Curiosos: uma aventura de informações sobre o Brasil (Curiosity Club: an information adventure across Brazil) is the new IBGE eBook for children.
  • The release highlights the IBGE as a reliable source of information for effective citizenship.
  • The book brings a series of links that allow the reader to go deeper into the subjects.
  • Later, a printed version will be made available, with pedagogic activities.
#PraCegoVer Vista de cima uma criança sentada com um tablet sobre as pernas. O tablet exibe a capa do livro e uma das mãos aponta para o canto direito onde está localizada o logotipo do IBGE na capa do livro
Book presents the IBGE as an official source of knowledge for kids and teens - Photo: Arte/Freepik

The IBGE has put out an interactive digital book targeted at children, Clube dos Curiosos: uma aventura de informações sobre o Brasil (Curiosity Club: an information adventure across Brazil). The ebook was produced within the scope of the IBGEteaches Project – a web portal aimed at students and teachers - and seeks to stimulate children's curiosity and, in a playful way, disseminate the data produced by the Institute.

The book brings games and tells the story of two friends: Pedro and Bel. The manager of IBGE Educational Affairs, Renata Corrêa, says that the book’s purpose is to disseminate the IBGE itself to students as an official source of information about Brazil in its most diverse aspects. Throughout the book, the reader is also invited to access some links, which point the way for those who want to go a little deeper into the subjects presented.

In the book, Pedro and Bel are neighbors and go to the same school. Together, they founded the Curiosity Club. But, some time later, Bel's family moves to Boa Vista (capital of the state of Roraima) and the two friends start exchanging letters, texts and phone calls along the year and spending their vacation together.

The book shows that Pedro lives in São Paulo, a city with more than 12 million people, while Bel lives in Boa Vista, a capital with more than 400 thousand inhabitants. They dream of getting to know Brazil together; they do research, collect maps, photos and information for their future trips. With this storyline, the book will present information about some of the main IBGE’s surveys.

“As the story’s background, some information about Brazil and some cities and links are introduced so that the child can get to know more information – that is why the club is called ​​the Curiosity Club, to foster curiosity. Using accessible, fun language, the book presents information and the ​​IBGE as a source of official information. Kids will find a series of links through which they can get deeper into the subjects”, explains Ms. Corrêa.

She adds that, as children currently consume, share and often produce digital content, “It is necessary to provide quality and reliable content adapted to them. Having access to reliable sources of information and knowing where to find them are a citizen’s fundamental skills”, she claims.

The book aims at showing the pathways to information already compiled by the IBGEteaches or by the IBGE itself. “We try to present a simplified showcase on population and households, but always encouraging the child to seek more information”, emphasizes the manager.

During the pandemic, the publication will be only available in its digital version, on IBGEteaches. Later, the book will be made available in a printed version, with activities, such as cutting or drawing. QRCodes will be available as well with links to several sites of the web portal.

“We want to take advantage of each medium. The pandemic has reinforced the urgency of digital communication. Schools themselves have tried to adapt to this moment and the digital content, already relevant, became urgent”, says Ms. Corrêa.