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New volume of Journal of Brazilian Geography covers sustainable use of soil

Section: Geosciences | Umberlândia Cabral

April 28, 2020 10h00 AM | Last Updated: April 28, 2020 05h05 PM

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Cover article discusses the limits on the sustainable use of soil in Jiboia Mountain, in the Bahia Recôncavo - Photo: Everton Luís Poelking

The IBGE released today (28) the second number of volume 64 of the Journal of Brazilian Geography - RBG. Including two articles and two reviews, the new edition of the journal discusses subjects such as sustainable use of soils and Luso-Brazilian relations in the area of geography.

Written by researchers of the Federal University of Bahia Recôncavo - UFRB, the first article of the publication discusses the limits on the sustainable use of soils in the Jiboia Mountain. "It is very important to count on the regional contribution by those researchers. The IBGE´s role is to represent Brazil and to survey the characteristics of the population in the territory. Therefore, it is very important to include articles outside the Rio-São Paulo axis, thus encompassing the national territory," explains Maria Lúcia Vilarinhos, an IBGE technician.

The principles of the cartographic representation of the physical-geographic landscape are covered in the second article of the publication. It is the last contribution of professor José Mateo Rodrigues, of the University of Habana, in Cuba, who died shortly before the launch of the last RBG number.

"His last contributions discussed the use of new technologies, mainly satellite images, in the identification of socioenvironmental processes and how it became an important tool in the area of geomorphology," comments Vilarinhos. Felipe Mendes Cronemberger, of the IBGE´s Coordination of Geography, and Raul Sanchez Vicens, of the Fluminense Federal University - UFF, co-authored this work.

The review written by professor Roberto Lobato Corrêa celebrates 50 years of the launching of Geography perspective on urban systems, organized by Brian Berry and Frank Horton. The book is considered a classic in urban geography and marked the formation of researchers in this area in the entire world.

On the other hand, the second review, written by Diogo Gaspar Silva, discusses the book Saberes geográficos e geografia institucional: relações luso-brasileiras no século XX (Geographic knowledge and institutional geography: Luso-Brazilian relations in the 20th century), by Francisco Roque de Oliveira and Daniel Paiva. The review is part of an effort to foster a higher interaction between the schools of geographic thinking of Brazil and Portugal.

Edited by the IBGE, the RBG is a digital scientific publication published twice a year, in April and September. The submittal of worksis continuous and is open to researchers from national and international institutions, including the IBGE.

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