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Production in São Paulo state falls 2.6% and pushes industry downwards in November

Section: Economic Statistics | Carmen Nery

January 14, 2020 09h00 AM | Last Updated: January 16, 2020 03h51 PM

Reduction of production of motor vehicles, mainly cars, had an impact on industry - Photo: Wikimedia

The industrial production of 11 of the 15 areas surveyed decreased in November 2019, being aligned with the 1.2% decrease of national industry. Such dissemination of negative results is the highest since November 2018, when there were also negative rates in 11 areas. The highlight was São Paulo, the most influential state in terms of output of industry (34% of the total), with a decrease of 2.6%, the most significant negative rate since September 2018 (-3.1%). These data come from the Monthly Survey of Regional Industry, released today (14) by the IBGE.

“The decrease was due to the negative influence of the food sector, especially of sugar, offsetting the unexpected high of the previous month. Another factor that affected the industrial output of São Paulo was the reduced production of the motor vehicle sector, mainly cars, due to the collective vacation period, after the anticipation of the output in October”, explains the survey analyst Bernardo Almeida.

Paraná reported the second biggest negative influence with a decrease of 8%, the second consecutive negative rate and the most significant one since May 2018 (20.1%), when the trunk drives’ strike happened. The fall is due to the reduction in the output of petroleum products (refining) and of motor vehicles, besides the collective vacations after the anticipation of output in October.

As a positive highlight, Rio de Janeiro increased 3.7%, the second consecutive high and the most significant one since July 2018 (6.8%), due to the mining and quarrying sector (petroleum of natural gas). The second sector that had a positive effect on the industrial output of Rio de Janeiro was the production of petroleum products (refining)

Ceará (3.4%) and Mato Grosso (2.7%) also reported increases in November, with the first one removing a fall of 1.5% that was recorded in the previous month and the third one reaching the fifth month in a row of output growth and accumulating, in this period, an expansion of 12.1%.

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