Monthly Survey of Services

Services sector down by 0.1% in November after two months of increase

Section: Economic Statistics | Umberlândia Cabral

January 14, 2020 09h00 AM | Last Updated: January 21, 2020 10h47 AM

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Deceleration of industry affected road cargo transportation in November - Photo: Simone Mello/IBGE News Agency

The volume of services retreated 0.1% in the comparison with the previous month, after two positive results in September and October. Regarding November 2018, it grew 1.8%, according the Monthly Survey of Services, released today (14) by the IBGE. In the cumulative of the year, the sector advanced 0.9%.

According to the survey manager, Rodrigo Lobo, the stated result of this month showed a positive balance for the sector in the year. “It is a balance between the last two results. In September, it increased 1.5% and 0.8% in October, accumulating 2.2% in the period. When analyzing July to November, the volume of services grew 2.9%”, says Lobo, considering that the volume of services is still 9.8% under the record   achieved in November 2014. 

From October to November, three out of the five activities decreased: transportation, support services to transportation and mailing activities (-0.7%), information and communication services (-0.4%) and services rendered to families (-1.5%).

 “The fall in the pace is explained by the retreat in the sector of transportation, under the pressure, mainly, of road transportation of cargo, which is directly linked to the industry and is going through difficulties. Consequently, losses of pace in industry results in impact to road transportation of cargo.”, says Lobo.

 “There was also a retreat in information and communication services, due to the decrease of services in information technology and cinematographic production. Another decrease occurred in services rendered to families, related to hotel and catering services”, adds Lobo. The rates were positive in other services (1.7%) and professional, administrative and complementary services (0.1%).

In the cumulative index from January to November 2019, against the same period in 2018, the services sector advanced 0.9%, expanding four out of the five activities: information and communication services (3.3%), other services (5.2%), services rendered to families (3.3%) and professional, administrative and complementary services (0.5%). The only negative influence in the cumulative from January to November 2019 was transportation, support services to transportation and mailing activities (-2.6%).

Regionally, relative to October, the volume of services retreated in 16 out of the 27 Federation Units, with highlight to Mato Grosso (-5.7%), Minas Gerais (-1.1%), Pernambuco (-3.0%), Santa Catarina (-1.8%) and Espírito Santo (-3.5%). Regarding the major positive results, in regional terms, they were Rio de Janeiro (0.8%) and the Federal District (0.9%).

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