Inflation preview rises to 0.14%, yet index is lowest for November in 21 years

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November 22, 2019 09h00 AM | Last Updated: November 22, 2019 11h30 AM

#PraCegoVer A foto mostra uma bomba de combustível em primeiro plano
Rise in fuels influenced slight acceleration of IPCA-15 in November - Photo: Licia Rubinstein/IBGE News Agency

Preview of the official inflation in Brazil, the Extended National Consumer Price Index 15 - IPCA-15 increased to 0.14% in November, after registering 0.09% in the previous month. This was the lowest figure for November since 1998, when the rate was -0.11%. The index accrues a rise of 2.83% in the year and of 2.67% in 12 months, as released today (22) by the IBGE.

The slight acceleration was pressed by transportation (0.30%), impacted by the increase of gasoline and ethanol, from 0.76% and 0.52% in October to 0.80% and 2.53% in November, respectively. The prices of diesel fuel (0.58%) and vehicular gas (0.10%) also increased, taking the result of fuels to a rise of 1.07%. Airfare rose 4.44%, after changing 2.10% in October.

 The group of wearing apparel also accelerated, standing at 0.68% in November, due to the rises in the items men’s wearing apparel, women´s wearing apparel and children´s wearing apparel. The prices of jewels also increased over the previous month. The same happened with personal expenses, which rose from 0.16% to 0.40%, influenced by the sub-items domestic workers (0.31%) and games of chance (2.46%).

Food and beverages registered a slight rise in the November´s index (0.06%), after three consecutive months of deflation. Food away from home changed from stable prices in October for a rise of 0.12% in November. In addition, food at home, which had dropped 0.38% in October, changed 0.03%. Meat increased 3.08%. On the other hand, the drops in onions (-18.60%), tomatoes (-8.00%), potatoes (-7.92%) and long-life milk (-1.67%) stood out.

Conversely, the group of housing posted the highest negative change and the biggest negative impact on the month´s index (-0.22% and -0.04 p.p.). This result was influenced by the drop in electricity (-1.51%), due to the average reduction of 5.30% in the residential bills of one of the concessionaires in São Paulo. Brasília and Goiânia also registered a reduction in the fare.

In addition, the red tariff flag level 1 came into force in November, an additional charge which was adjusted from R$4.00 to R$4.169 per each 100 kilowatt-hour consumed. The yellow tariff flag was in force in October, whose additional charge was of R$1.50 per each 100 kilowatt-hour.

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