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Underutilization in 12 states and in the Federal District records highest result in seven years

Section: Social Statistics | Eduardo Peret

May 16, 2019 09h00 AM | Last Updated: May 16, 2019 05h38 PM

#PraCegoVer Jovem caminhando em frente a uma agência do trabalhador
Q1 2019 had 28.3 million underutilized workers,  according to Continuous PNAD - Photo: Brasília Local Branch

The underutilization rate in the first quarter was the highest in the last seven years in 13 of the 27 Federation Units, with a highlight to Piauí (41.6%), Maranhão (41.1%), Acre (35%), Paraíba (34,3%), Ceará (31,9%) and Amazonas (29.2%). That group gathers unemployed persons, underemployed persons working less than 40 hours a week and persons who are available to work, but who cannot look for a job for several reasons. 

Those data can be found in the Continuous National Household Sample Survey (Continuous PNAD), released today by the IBGE. In the first quarter of 2019, the underutilization rate in the country was 25%, that is, 28.3 million persons, the highest figure in the series initiated in 2012.

The lowest underutilization rate were those of Santa Catarina (12.1%), Rio Grande do Sul (15.5%), Mato Grosso (16.5%), and Paraná (17.6%). Nevertheless, except for Rio Grande do Sul, in all the other states the rates were the highest in the time series. 

Underutilization rate of the labor force by FU (%) - Q1/2019
Rondônia 17.7 Ceará 31.9 Rio de Janeiro 20,2
Acre 35.0 Rio Grande do Norte 36.5 São Paulo 21.0
Amazonas 29.2 Paraíba 34.3 Paraná 17.6
Roraima 28.9 Pernambuco 31.8 Santa Catarina 12.1
Pará 30.5 Alagoas 36.7 Rio Grande do Sul 15.5
Amapá 35.9 Sergipe 36.0 Mato Grosso do Sul 18.5
Tocantins 23.2 Bahia 40.4 Mato Grosso 16.5
Maranhão 41.1 Minas Gerais 24.5 Goiás 18.7
Piauí 41.6 Espírito Santo 20.5 Federal District 23.3
  Highest rate in the series of the FU and higher than the national average 
  Highest rate in the time series of the FU
Source: PNAD Contínua Trimestral

In the underutilized population by Federation Unit, the highlights were Bahia (3.3 million persons), Minas Gerais (2.9 million) and Rio de Janeiro (1.8 million).

“What calls attention is the profile of widespread underutilizatio, with a record in all the major Regions”, says Cimar Azeredo, coordinator of Labor and Income at the IBGE: “besides the rate, it is necessary to observe the underutilized population, which has reached a record figure in 15 Federation Units, covering half of the North and Northeast Regions and almost the entire Southeast, South and Central West”.

Northeat Region concentrates more than half of the discourged persons 

Besides underutilization, the discouraged population, that is, the ones that have given up looking for a job, reached 4.8 million and hit a record figure in Q1. From that total, 60.4% (2.9 million) were found in the Northeast.  

The  underutilization rate due to insufficient working hours and unemployment was a record in the North (20.7%), Northeast (26.4%), Southeast (18.1%) and Cetral West (15.1%). The highest state rates were those of Bahia (31.1%), Amapá (30.7%), Piauí (30.5%), Sergipe (28.5%) and Maranhão (25.7%). “We have seen, once more, that the Northeast concentrates most of the rates, and that results in an unfavorable scenario in that Major region”, Cimar says.

The national unemployment rate was 12.7% in the first quarter. Among the Federation Units, Amapá recorded the highest rate, 20.2%, followed by Bahia, with 18.3%. The 14 rates above the national indicator are distributed between the North and Northeast Regions, besides Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and the Federal District. 

Keywords: Desemprego, Desocupação, Subutilização, Primeiro trimestre.

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