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Censo Agropecuário

List gathers up-to-date addresses of 5 million rural properties in Brazil

Section: IBGE | João Neto

February 19, 2019 10h00 AM | Last Updated: February 19, 2019 01h16 PM

List shows information like address and reference points of rural properties - Photo: Mônica Marli/IBGE News Agency

The IBGE releases today (19) information like addresses, CEP, reference points, latitude and longitude of more than 5 million rural properties registered by the enumerators during the data collection of the 2017 Census of Agriculture.

In addition to the list of establishments in the csv format (text), the IBGE released the mapping in kml format, which allows to view the localities from the space in Google Earth (Configurações > Ativar importação de arquivos kml > Meus lugares > Importar arquivo kml baixado em seu dispositivo). The files can also be accessed here in the two formats. Concerning the statistical confidentiality, the names of the establishments and owners were not identified in the list.

To record the establishments, the enumerators used as a reference previous address lists of the 2006 Census of Agriculture and 2010 Population Census. According to Eduardo Baptista, analyst of the IBGE´s Operational Coordination of Censuses, the major news in relation to the list released in 2010 is that now nearly all the properties are geo-referenced.

"Besides contributing to other agricultural surveys, these data help in the analysis on the spatial distribution of the properties, revealing patterns of territorial organization and ways of registering addresses, as well as their particularities from one region to the other, both for regular users and institutions of public or private research", explains Baptista.

The list of the addresses of the rural properties is part of the National Address List for Statistical Purposes - CNEFE, an IBGE database that includes more than 78 million urban and rural addresses in Brazil.

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