Costs of civil construction close 2018 with 4.41% rise

Section: Economic Statistics | João Neto | Design: Helena Pontes

January 11, 2019 09h00 AM | Last Updated: January 11, 2019 12h09 PM

Released today by the IBGE, the National Index of Civil Construction - Sinapi closed 2018 with a rise of 4.41%, standing above that registered in 2017 (3.82%). The monthly change for December was 0.22%. 

In the cumulative indexes in 2018, the prices of materials increased 6.30% and the labor force rose 2.45%, the opposite of that recorded in 2017, when materials had a smaller weight and closed at 2.61%, whereas the labor force stayed at 5.17%.

According to Augusto Oliveira, manager of the survey, the parcel of materials gained power due to the smaller number of collective work agreements. "Unlike 2017, the construction sector was less booming in 2018. This resulted in less work agreements and, as a consequence, leveraged the weight of materials in the cost", explains him.

#PraCegoVer Gráfico exibindo a variação percentual de dezembro de 2012 a dezembro de 2018

In the monthly change in December, the parcel of materials grew 0.45%, standing above the November (0.36%) and December 2017 (0.31%) indexes. On the other hand, labor force changed -0.02%, standing below the rates registered in November (0.11%) and December 2017 (0.22%).

Having recorded R$1,111.41 in November, the cost per square meter changed to R$1,113.88 in December, being R$579.33 relative to materials and R$534.55 to labor force.

North has highest rise of construction prices in 2018

In the cumulative rate in the year, the North Region posted the highest rise of construction costs: 5.30%. In the other regions, the results were as follows: Northeast (4.58%), South (4.70%), Southeast (4.20%) and Central-West (3.80%). Having risen 6.26%, Roraima accrued the highest prices among the states in 2018.

In December, the South Region (0.50%) registered the highest change among the regions and Acre (0.69%), among the states.