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More than 200 thousand enterprises participate in annual economic surveys

Section: Economic Statistics | João Neto

May 02, 2018 09h00 AM | Last Updated: June 05, 2018 10h39 AM

The IBGE started today the data collection of the structural surveys by enterprises, which will assess the performance of the Industry, Trade and Services in Brazil in 2017. Besides surveying information on employed persons, salaries, revenue, field of action, the surveys are also good as a basis for the calculation of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Altogether, 206,802 enterprises all over the country will take part in the Annual Survey of the Construction Industry (PAIC), in the Annual Survey of Industry (PIA),  the Annual Survey of Trade (PAC) and the Annual Survey of Services (PAS), whose questionnaires will be completed, to a great extent , on the Internet.

This year, in order to make questionnaire completion easier, the IBGE made available a file that, after being downloaded, connects to the system of the selected enterprises, allowing the automatic completion of the data. Some of the companies will also be visited by agents of the Institute.

“One of the greatest challenges of the survey is to make businesspersons aware of the relevance of the study for the country, so we started the approach in April, explaining the importance of the results for their enterprises and emphasizing the confidentiality of the information provided to the IBGE”, said the manager of structural surveys by enterprise, Juliana Vasconcellos.

Enterprises will benefit more from results

The collection will run until July 31 and the results of the survey should be put out between June and August 2019. According to the IBGE's Director of Surveys, Cláudio Crespo, the enterprises themselves will be the biggest beneficiaries of the results.

"The participation of the enterprises is essential. These are important statistics for all kinds of entrepreneurs, since they provide data on market situation, performance of their field of action and participation of their activity in the GDP, which is the main economic indicator of the country. Therefore, it is crucial that participants provide reliable information," emphasizes the manager.

During the collection phase, enterprises will receive technical guidance from the IBGE agents on how to answer and send questionnaires. Informants may also get to know more about the surveys and ask questions about the IBGE data protection policy on the site Respondendo ao IBGE (Answering to the IBGE). The questionnaires are now available for download here.

By June and August this year, the IBGE will be putting out the results of PAIC, PAC, PIA and PAS for 2016, which were collected in 2017.

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