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Salary adjustments impact prices of civil construction

August 09, 2017 09h00 AM | Last Updated: September 04, 2017 09h21 AM

The National Index of Civil Construction - SINAPI changed 0.58% in July, standing 0.20 percentage points above the rate of 0.38% registered in June. The factor that mostly influenced this figure was salary adjustment of workers of this sector.

According to Augusto Oliveira, researcher of the IBGE, the labor force used in civil construction comprises nine professional categories, which, together, account for about 45% of the overall cost of a civil work. "July recorded the biggest number of states with salary adjustments this year, which added up to 25% of the national average cost"

As a place in which salary adjustments were also included in work agreements, Rio de Janeiro was the state with the highest monthly change of SINAPI (3.03%). "Therefore, the increase of the index in states, like Rio de Janeiro, is caused by the combined capture of the rise in all the [nine] professional categories in a same period", stresses the researcher.


Text: Marcelo Benedicto


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