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Casa Brasil IBGE

IBGE launches Casa Brasil IBGE for preservation and dissemination of memory

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May 27, 2024 04h09 PM | Last Updated: May 28, 2024 09h29 AM

The Project brings memory and technology together in one same room for in-person ad online exhibitions, where the form used in the first Census carried out by the IBGE will be displayed

The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) will launch, during the ceremony to celebrate the 88th anniversary of the Institute, the first branch of the project Casa Brasil IBGE (IBGE Brazil House), on May 29, at Palácio da Fazenda, downtown Rio de Janeiro.

Casa Brasil IBGE is a facility for memory and technology, which will bring together in one same location the different departments of the Institute and their work, so that the visitor, either in-person or online, can have a view of the 90 years of the IBGE and visualize paths and possibilities for the Institute in coming decades.

Casa Brasil IBGE will have different versions, the first one headquartered at Palácio da Fazenda, but the objective is to reproduce the Project in each State Superintendency and show the external Community the different activities carried out by the Institute, subdivided into nine macro areas: Library, Knowledge, Geosciences, Census, Surveys and Indicators, Digital Activities, Memory, International and Regional segments.

“The IBGE expands partnerships and keeps working on the targets of its 2024 work plan. Therefore, it will inaugurate Casa Brasil IBGE at Palácio da Fazenda, located in the municipality of Rio de Janeiro, former federal capital of Brazil. It is a memory center which, counting on technological advances, will become a reference to show IBGE production, available to society as a whole. This is the first branch of Casa Brasil IBGE, and Other are to come soon,” promised Marcio Pochmann, president of the IBGE.

The exhibition at Casa Brasil IBGE will show the interfaces between the IBGE and the Brazilian state, its companies and entities, with universities, with every citizen, besides foreign connections do Instituto in partnerships for the installation of Brazilian representatives abroad.

At Casa Brasil IBGE at Palácio da Fazenda, in Rio de Janeiro, there will be an exhibition of long used equipment for the production of maps and Census questionnaires, copies from Roncador Reserve, in the Federal District, and from the IBGE RADAMBRASIL Herbarium, located in the Botanic Garden of the city of Salvador (BA). Casa Brasil IBGE will also have a website presenting information about events scheduled and guidelines on how to visit the place.

Casa Brazil IBGE is open for visits from 9 am to 4 pm, from Monday to Friday. School groups that wish to pay a visit must contact the place to register in advance.

IBGE’s 88th anniversary

The project Casa Brasil IBGE will be launched on May 29, during the traditional ceremony of IBGE’s 88th anniversary, in which civil servants and retirees will be paid homage to. There will also be a special moment to express solidarity for victims of floods in Rio Grande do Sul and the signature of technical cooperation agreements.


88th anniversary of the IBGE and launch of Casa Brasil IBGE
Date: May 29
Hora: 9 am – 11 am (accreditation at 8 am)
Venue: Palácio da Fazenda - Av. Presidente Antônio Carlos, 375 – Centro – Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Streamed on: IBGE Digital and social media channels

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