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IBGE launches first training of SINGED Lab for Rio Grande do Sul

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May 23, 2024 12h00 PM | Last Updated: May 24, 2024 03h23 PM

Registration is free of charge and should be made until May 28 on the IBGE bookstore

On June 3, from 8 AM to 12 PM, the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) will carry out the first SINGED Lab training, aiming at public managers involved in the reconstruction of areas hit by floods in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Registration is free of charge and should be made until May 28 on the IBGE bookstore site. Registration is limited to 100 participants.

The training, carried out off-site, is part of the actions of the task force launched by the IBGE to train public agents in Rio Grande do Sul in using IBGE tools in the reconstruction and mitigation of the damages caused by the climate disaster that affected the state over the last weeks.

In the training, managers will learn how to use the intelligence tools of SIDRA (IBGE System of Automatic Recovery) system, a platform that allows different queries, production of graphs, cartograms and charts, among other possibilities. Queries can be made in the state, municipality or region hit by the disaster by crossing data and indicators, deepening the knowledge of their own territories, as well as by developing automatic queries, with on-line results, from their own demands and challenges of the public administration.

The course is free of charge and it is applied off-site by the IBGE´s National School of Statistical Sciences (ENCE). Municipal and state managers can take part, among them: mayors, secretaries, legislators, advisors and assisting persons from several areas - administration, legal, health, education, security and agriculture, among others.

Beyond the SIDRA platform, this course will show a number of channels on the portal, with economic, social, health and agricultural indicators, as well as products available for free download in digital format or with a low cost, in the case of printed works. They are more than 500 releases and events free of charge per year, most of them broadcast through the Internet.


SINGED Lab is the IBGE´s innovation laboratory. Comprising a multidisciplinary team, SINGED Lab aims at creating an environment for experiment, production of new ideas and projects for the diagnosis and planning of public policies, through the use of technology coupled with the huge wealth of technical, statistical, geoscientific and data information produced by the IBGE, centralized in the National System of Geosciences, Statistics and Data (SINGED). By means of SINGED, the IBGE aims at establishing a national coordination of strategic information. Artificial intelligence resources will organize the information into tables, rankings and cartograms. Tools that comprise SINGED Lab include IBGE Cities, Census Overview, Interactive Geographic Platform (PGI), SIDRA and the Maps Portal.

SINGED Lab off-site training – Rio Grande do Sul
June 3
8 AM to 12 PM
on the IBGE Virtual Store up to May 28:

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