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IBGE publishes 68th volume of the Brazilian Journal of Geography

Section: Geosciences | Igor Ferreira

September 27, 2023 10h00 AM | Last Updated: September 28, 2023 05h34 PM

  • Highlights

  • The 68th volume of the Brazilian Journal of Geography (RBG) presents an article, an essay, an interview and a new section dedicated to new products launched by the IBGE.
  • RBG brings an article on the dynamics of the distribution of settlements carried out in different governments during the democratic period. Written by several authors, the work analyzes the profile of land distribution and the biomes in which they were inserted.
  • The theme of the published essay, authored by professor Roberto Correa, is the Brazilian urban network. The dynamics of its spatial articulation, the appeal of metropolises and the emergence of new urban centers were some of the topics covered.
  • A new section highlighting the products launched by IBGE, mainly in the Geosciences area, now integrates the journal.
  • With the purpose of facilitating the processing of submitted works and expanding the reach of the journal, from this edition onwards RBG will be using Creative Commons licenses.
One of the highlights of the new RBG volume is the article on the dynamics of the distribution of settlements carried out in different governments during the democratic period - Photo: Art on photography Freepick

Today (27), the IBGE releases the first issue of volume 68 of the Revista Brasileira de Geografia - RBG (Brazilian Journal of Geography). The publication features a continuous submission article, an essay, an interview and the inauguration of a section dedicated to the dissemination of new products launched by the Institute.

“RBG’s main objective currently is to disseminate products from the IBGE geosciences area, providing the Institute with a dialogue with the academic world - that is, teaching and research institutions in Geography -, and with other federal institutions that produce knowledge in the area. One of the new features of this edition is the use of Creative Commons licenses, reinforcing our purpose of facilitating the submission of articles and increasing the visibility of our publications”, explains the magazine's executive editor, Maria Lúcia Vilarinhos.

Entitled “Agrarian Policy in Brazil: a situational and socio-environmental analysis of settlement projects”, the article written by Matheus Quintão Braga, Juliana Ferreira Lorentz, Jéssica Ferreira, Rafael Carvalho Nogueira da Gama, Bruno Henrique Silva, José Ubiratan Rezende Santana and Maria Lúcia Calijuri addresses the distribution of land by different Brazilian governments, after redemocratization, analyzing the profile of settlements by their extension and biomes in which they were distributed. The work highlights the importance of the environmental risk present in some of these settlements. “It’s a timely, very interesting topic. The purpose of the article is to analyze the distribution of settlements according to Brazilian biomes and their environmental impact, especially those that took place during the administration of former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso and the first two terms of president Lula”, highlights Ms. Vilarinhos.

The essay, authored by professor Roberto Lobato Correa, presents considerations about the Brazilian urban network, the dynamics of its spatial articulation, the appeal of its metropolises over the other entities that make up the network, the emergence of new centers and the advent of bilateral relations between them and the metropolises, in addition to other movements that characterize it.

Another highlight of the new volume of the RBG is the interview with geographer Adma Haman de Figueiredo, editor-in-chief of the journal. Having followed most of the changes experienced by the field of geographic studies both at the IBGE and in Brazil, in the interview she talks a little about her trajectory at the institution, her professional training and the work carried out at the Institute. Ms. Figueiredo also talks about her experience alongside big names in Brazilian Geography, as well as the expectations and new challenges posed for this field of knowledge at the IBGE and in Brazil. “In addition to being a reference as a professional, Adma has experienced different phases at the IBGE, in Geography and in Brazil”, adds Ms. Vilarinhos.

The 68th edition of the magazine inaugurates a section that aims at highlighting the products launched by the IBGE, mainly those related to the Directorate of Geosciences, especially the most significant contributions to the field of spatial analysis. The subject that opens the new section is the launch of the “Methodological Proposal for the Classification of Rural, Urban and Nature Spaces in Brazil”, made available in August this year. It is a contribution to the debate on the review of the classification of these spaces.

In the RBG editorial there is a tribute to two late Brazilian geographers, with important contributions to the environment. Carlos Walter was a professor at the Universidade Federal Fluminense and stood out for his environmental activism, working together with Chico Mendes in Acre. Fellow professor Elmo Amador would celebrate his 80th birthday in 2023. He taught at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and was a great defender of Guanabara Bay, fighting for its preservation, recovery of mangroves and depollution.

About RBG

Edited by the IBGE, the Brazilian Journal of Geography (RBG) is one of the oldest and most respected Brazilian technical-scientific publications in the area of Geography and related sciences. With small interruptions, the RBG used to come out on a quarterly basis, it happened for almost 70 years. Between 1939 and 2006, it was considered a reference, with many of its articles opening important frontiers of knowledge and becoming classic studies, both in the country and abroad. In 2016, the Institute resumed the journal publication, but in a new format — as a biannual electronic edition.

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