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In São Paulo, IBGE takes part in biggest South American event on geotechnologies

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May 15, 2023 10h00 AM | Last Updated: May 15, 2023 08h05 PM

The IBGE stand was visited by about 600 people throughout the event - Photo: Ralph Izumi/IBGE

The IBGE participated, between May 9th and 11th, in the MundoGEO Connect 2023, biggest event on technologies in Aouth America, held at the Frei Caneca Convention Center, in São Paulo (SP). Organized by MundoGEO, the event has been held since 2011 and gathers manufacturers and importers of drones, data processing platforms, solutions using satellites or airplanes, system developers, regulatory bodies, universities, startups, public and private users of these technologies.

This edition provides courses, seminars and a technology trade fair, presenting reality collection solutions (using satellites, planes, drones and fixed and mobile ground stations), image processing using artificial intelligence and information visualization and analysis that use 3D resources such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR).

Miriam Barbuda in the opening session of the IBGE Workshop Ralph Izumi/IBGE
Guiderlan Mantovani speaks to the Workshop audience - Photo: Ralph Izumi/IBGE
Rafael Lopes in his presentation - Photo: Ralph Izumi/IBGE
Audience participating in the Workshop - Photo: Ralph Izumi/IBGE
IBGE team during the event - Photo: Ralph Izumi/IBGE
Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are also under the scope of the event Ralph Izumi/IBGE
Drone exhibition at the stand - Photo: Ralph Izumi/IBGE
Visitor gets a leaflet at the IBGE stand - Photo: Ralph Izumi/IBGE
Students from the University of Brasília present their junior enterprises during the event - Photo: Ralph Izumi/IBGE

On the 10th, between 2 and 6 pm, the IBGE conducted a workshop entitled Products and Services for Precision Georeferencing and the use of Geotechnologies in the 2022 Population Census. In the opening session, the IBGE deputy geosciences director, Miriam Barbuda, called attention to the importance of geospatial technologies in household surveys, such as the 2022 Census, which got coordinates from all the housing units in Brazil. She was also a mediator in lectures. /p>

“It is very important that the IBGE participate in such a relevant event, so that we can better know where the market is heading and how new applications appear. We are on a new path for drones and will have to invest in them in a near future. Data must be georeferenced with state-of-the-art technology. And we can find all that here.”

After her talk, the manager of Planialtimetric Reference Networks, Guiderlan Mantovani, explained to participants what Geodesy is (the study of Earth’s shape and dimensions) and spoke about the evolution of essential geodetic equipment for precision georeferencing.

“Not many of these people who control drones were familiar with the IBGE positioning services and were impressed to know about them. And they came and talked to me after the presentation. In this respect, I think there is some lack of investment by the IBGE in presenting these products; that’s why taking aprt in technology fairs is of great help.”

The special technical assistant of the Directorate of Geosciences, Rafael Lopes, delivered a lecture about the global statistical framework and how it facilitates the integration of standardized information. Rafael also showed how to monitor data collection of the Census by means of geospatial tools (such as the Interactive Geographic Platform - PGI).

The coordinator for Territorial Structures, Roberto Tavares, was the last one to speak. In his speech, he dealt with the diversity of the Brazilian territorial occupation, the dialogue of the Census technical team with riverside, indigenous and quilombola communities,to facilitate data collection, difficulties in access, among other issues.  Between the lectures, participants had the chance to ask the IBGE team questions that were answered at the end of each presentation. The state superintendent in SP, Francisco Barcia, also attended the workshop.

To show its products, the IBGE set up a stand which was visisted by about 600 people in search of technical information and printed material. Leaflets about the Intitute’s activities were made available. A copy of the Milton Santos National Atlas was raffled on the last day of the event.

At the stand of the University of Brasília, the aerospatial engineering student Geovanna Palheta, age 21, said the event is important for the colleges and technology students in the country. “We are here in search of investments opportunities tha can make viable the projects of university junior enterprises. It is really a unique opportunity to be here.”

The IBGE has participated in MundoGEO Connect since 2015, when distinguished companies were awarded and the Institute got the prize in the category Public Institution. The event is aiked at service renders and users of these technologies in the fields of agriculture, forestry, environment, intelligent cities, logistics, mobility, defense, energy, roads, railroads, ports, airports, mining, oil and gas, security, among others.

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