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SDG commission sets out priorities until 2019 and launches plan of action

Section: IBGE | Pedro Renaux | Design: Helga Szpiz

February 15, 2018 09h00 AM | Last Updated: February 15, 2018 04h37 PM

The National Commission for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), which has the IBGE as one of its permanent technical assistants, launched the Plan of Action 2017-2019 in the end of 2017. The document sets a list of priorities established to give support to the implementation of the SDGs in the country by means of five major strategic axes: Commission's Management and Governance; Dissemination; Internalization; Interiorization; 2030 Agenda Follow-up and Monitoring.

On March 1st, in Brasília, there will be a dissemination event for the Plan of Action 2017-2019 together with the launch of the SDG Prize in Brazil and installation of the fist Thematic Chamber on Partnership and Means of Implementation.

The IBGE is directly involved with the Internalization axis, which aims at adjusting global indicators and targets to the Brazilian reality. To this end, one of the actions is to have Tier I indicators (with defined methodology and available data) calculated and provided in a digital platform, which will be developed by the Institute, by March 2018. In the medium term, up to July 2019, a knowledge network will have been developed to estimate Tier II (with defined methodology, but without data) and Tier III indicators (no methodology) and a framework of national indicators will have been provided.

The office manager of the IBGE Presidency, Denise Kronemberger, says that by the end of 2017, 20 Tier I indicators under seven Goals had been registered in the platform: "This work is one of the results obtained from the articulation started in August by the work groups coordinated by the IBGE, made of 70 public federal bodies involved with the themes related to the Goals".

The National SDG Commission - the first one in an Latin American country - aims at internalizing, disseminating and giving transparency to the actions related to the goals. In this context, the IBGE plays the role of a facilitator in the discussion and production of the global indicators, in the collection and production of data, in the provision of information for the discussion and monitoring of the national indicators, also giving support to the elaboration of proposals in the periodical reports.


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