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IBGE updates list of municipalities, municipal districts and sub-districts in the country

Section: Geosciences

February 22, 2022 10h00 AM | Last Updated: February 22, 2022 04h37 PM

The IBGE carried out one more update on the list of municipal subdivisions of the country. In relation to the previous year, the current survey, referring to 2021, brings the addition of 18 municipal districts, all of which in Minas Gerais. The tables with this information can be accessed on the IBGE website, by clicking here.

The Brazilian Territorial Division details the country's territorial structure, enumerating the Macroregions, Federation Units, Mesoregions, Microregions and Municipalities, in addition to their internal subdivisions, the districts and sub-districts or administrative regions. The IBGE systematizes all this database, monitoring eventual changes in the Political-Administrative Division, through annual updates.

In the most recent survey, relative to 2021, the Brazilian territorial structure maintains its 5,568 municipalities, the same number as in 2013. In addition to the municipalities, there are also a federal district (Brasília) and a state district in Pernambuco (Fernando de Noronha).

On the other hand, intra-municipal divisions undergo changes with a greater dynamism. In 2021, there were 10,649 municipal districts against 10,631 in 2020. The number of sub-districts remains the same: 683.

The differences refer to the extinction of municipal districts by the municipalities, which is seen in the IBGE records.

All the 18 new districts are located in municipalities in the state of Minas Gerais, with a highlight to the municipality of Governador Valadares (4 new ones), Miraí (2) and Conceição do Mato Dentro (2).

FU FU Name Municipality's Code Municipality's Name Districy Code District Name
31 Minas Gerais 3100807 Aguanil 310080710 Boticão
31 Minas Gerais 3108503 Botumirim 310850320 Canta Galo de Botumirim
31 Minas Gerais 3116506 Claro dos Poções 311650615 Boa Sorte de Claro dos Poções
31 Minas Gerais 3117504 Conceição do Mato Dentro 311750445 Capitão Felizardo
31 Minas Gerais 3117504 Conceição do Mato Dentro 311750450 Três Barras do Mato Dentro
31 Minas Gerais 3122603 Dom Joaquim 312260315 São José da Ilha
31 Minas Gerais 3127701 Governador Valadares 312770160 Córrego dos Melquíades
31 Minas Gerais 3127701 Governador Valadares 312770165 Córregos do Bernardo
31 Minas Gerais 3127701 Governador Valadares 312770170 Porto das Cachoeiras
31 Minas Gerais 3127701 Governador Valadares 312770175 Vila Nova Brasília
31 Minas Gerais 3136652 Juatuba 313665215 Francelinos
31 Minas Gerais 3140506 Martinho Campos 314050620 Buriti Grande
31 Minas Gerais 3142205 Miraí 314220520 São José do Alegre de Miraí
31 Minas Gerais 3142205 Miraí 314220525 Santo Antônio do Rio Preto
31 Minas Gerais 3144003 Mutum 314400330 Santa Rita do Mutum
31 Minas Gerais 3145372 Novorizonte 314537210 Campo Verde de Minas
31 Minas Gerais 3159704 Santa Rosa da Serra 315970410 Campo Alegre da Serra
31 Minas Gerais 3167905 Tabuleiro 316790510 Igrejinha do Acácio

As part of its institutional mission, the IBGE registers the events taking place in the Brazilian Territorial Division - DTB, in order to update the portrait of the country's territory for geoscientific studies and for the design of the Territorial Base for the operational purposes of surveys, Censuses and Dissemination of Statistical Data.