PIA Product: in 2019, iron ore surpasses diesel and becomes second industrial product in Brazil; crude petroleum leads

July 21, 2021 10h00 AM | Last Updated: July 27, 2021 07h18 PM

In 2019, the value of sales in 38.5 thousand local industrial units out of the 32 thousand enterprises with 30 and over employed persons totaled R$ 2.8 trillion.

Among the biggest shares of the sales revenue in 2019, the highlight is still crude petroleum oil (R$ 106.2 billion and contribution of 3.8%, or 0.4 percentage points more than 2018). Next come iron ores (R$ 91.9 billion and 3.3% of contribution and increase of 0.5 pp, from the high in international prices), diesel fuel (R$ 84.8 billion and 2.4%) and fresh and cooled beef (R$ 58.8 billion and 2.1%).  The other products are in the table below:

From 2018 to 2019, positions swapped between iron ores and diesel fuel, also between residues from soybean oil extraction and wood chemical pulp. Conversely, manure and fertilizers rose two positions against 2018.

Together, the top ten products concentrated 21.5% of the sales value in 2019, with a contribution now above that of 2018 (20.9%).

However, among those losing positions, the highlights are: maintenance and repair of aircraft, turbines and aviation engines, which lost 25 positions (from 41st to 66th) and crackers and cookies (from 37th to 58th).

In 2019, the North Region recorded increase in the concentration of its three major industrial products (iron ore, TVs and cell phones) over 2018: from 32.3% to 35.1% of the total sales in the region.

There was also increase in the concentration in the Central-West, where beef, ethanol for fuel purposes and soybean oil production residues represented 30,0% of the total of the region, increasing 1.2 pp against 2018 (28.8%).

These are some highlights from the 2019 Annual Survey of Industry (PIA) - Product, which brings data from local units of enterprises with 30 and over employed persons and/or gross annual revenue above R$ 15,8 million.

Ten industrial activities concentrate 74.2% of the sales value in 2019

In 2019, the survey investigated 29 sectors. The top ten contributions in the net revenue came from: food products (16.6%), chemicals (10.5%), motor vehicles, trailers and bodies (10.2%), coke, petroleum products and biofuels (10.0%), basic metals (6.8%), petroleum and natural gas (4.5%), metallic mineral extraction (4.5%), machinery and equipment (4.0%), rubber and plastic products (3.6%) and  pulp, paper and paper products (3.5%). The sum of these ten major industrial activities concentrated 74.2% of the total sales value of industrial products and services in 2019, the same percentage of 2018.

Compared to 2018, the changes only occurred from the second to the fourth positions of the top 5: reduction in the contribution in the Manufacture of coke, petroleum products and biofuels, which fell two positions and the advances in the Manufacture of chemicals (from 3rd to 2nd) and in the Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and bodies (from 4th to 3rd).

Concentration is higher in the North and Central-West

Analyzing regional data, a concentration is seen in the main industrial products, especially in the North and Central-West regions. The North, responsible form 7.4% of the net revenue of sales, predominates in the metallic minerals extraction and manufacture of electric-electronic products. The three products with the biggest participation in sales were iron ore (23.2%), TV sets (6.1%) and mobile telephones (5.8%), which accounted for 35.1% of the total industrial sales in the region.

In the Central-West, which accounts fro 6.6% of the industrial revenue of the country, the highlights were agro-industrial products, fresh or cooled beef (13,0%), ethyl alcohol (ethanol) not denatured for fuel purposes (8.7%) and cakes, bagasses, crumbs and other residues from soybean oil extraction (8.3%), which reached 30.0% of the sales in the region.

The South Region accounts for 20.5% of the national sales and has as highlights diesel fuel (3.4%), frozen poultry and giblets (3.1%) and cars with gas, ethanol or bio fuel engines, of less than or equal to 1,000 cc engine capacity (2.3%), which were responsible for 8.8% of the sales value of the region.

Northeast concentrates 10,2% of industrial sales. The highlights were gas, ethanol or biofuel engines, of more than 1,500 cc engine capacity and less than or equal to 3,000 cc (5,6%), diesel fuel (5.4%) and chemical wood pulp (2.8%), which add up to 13.9% of the revenue.

The Southeast is the most industrialized region in the country, with 55.3% of the industrial sales and where the greatest petroleum basins in the country are found. Its top products are crude petroleum oil (6.9%), diesel fuel (2.9%) and iron ores (2.8%, which together account for 12.6% of the sales revenue.

In the share of the net sales revenue by region, between 210 and 2019, there was decrease in the Southeast (60% to 55.3%) and growth in the others: South (19.4% to 20.5%), Northeast (9.3% to 10.2%), North (6.5% to 7.4%) and Central-West (4.8% to 6.6%).

Ethanol and meat up in the net sales revenue ranking

Among the 100 biggest products in net sales revenue, those who advanced more in the ranking, compared to 2018, were: ethyl alcohol (ethanol) denaturated for fuel purposes, which leaped 43 positions (from 86th to 43rd), fresh or cooled pork (from 123rd to 94th), pesticides for agricultural purposes (from 73rd to 44th).

Conversely, the products which lost most positions in relation to 2018 were maintenance and repair of aircraft, turbines and aviation engines, which loss 25 positions (from 41st to 66th), cookies and crackers (from 37th to 58th), paper for writing, printing and other graphic purposes, uncoated (from 33rd to 52nd).

Just the Central-West kept its three main products between 2010 and 2019

Among the regions, just the Central-West kept the three main products in net sales revenue in the comparison between 2010 and 2019, with changes of positions between them:  fresh ans cooled beef (13%), ethyl alcohol (ethanol) not denaturated (8.7%) and cake/bagasses of soybean oil extraction (8.3%).  Together, they concentrate a rise of 5.4 pp in the comparison with 2010 (24.6%).

The North showed the greatest specialization, with the biggest 3 concentrating 35.1% of the net sales revenue in 2019. The most relevant product was Iron ore (23.2%), followed by electric-electronic products - TVs (6.1%) and cell phones (5.8%).

In the Northeast Region, the production of cars 1,500 and 3,000 engine power represented 5.6% of the net sales revenue. The second was diesel oil (5.4%), followed by chemical wood pulp (pulp) (2.8%).

Although the Southeast represents 55.3% of the net sales revenue of the country, its production is diversified, concentrating only 12.6% of it in the three major products: 6.9% from crude petroleum oil, followed by diesel fuel (2.9%) and iron ores (2.8%).

At the bottom of the list is the South Region, where diesel fuel was responsible dor 3.4% of the net sales revenue.  Frozen poultry and giblets (3.1%) and cars with 1,000 engine power (2.3%) close the TOP3.