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IBGE updates list of municipalities, municipal districts and subdistricts of Brazil

Section: Geosciences

February 25, 2021 10h00 AM | Last Updated: March 03, 2021 10h49 AM

The IBGE carried out one more update on the list of Brazilian municipal subdivisions. In relation to the previous year, the current survey, referring to 2020, includes one new municipal district and six new subdistricts. The tables with this information can be accessed on the IBGE Portal, by clicking here.

The Brazilian Territorial Division details the territorial structure of the country, listing the Macroregions, Federation Units, Mesoregions, Microregions, Immediate Geographic Regions, Intermediate Geographic Regions and Municipalities. It also brings their respective internal subdivisions: districts and administrative subdistricts or regions. The IBGE systematizes this kind of information, monitoring any changes in the Political-Administrative Division by means of annual updates.

2020 Brazilian Territorial Division - New districts and subdistricts
Federation Unit Municipalities Districts Subdistricts
Rondônia Nova Mamoré Nova Marechal Rondon -
Pará Floresta do Araguaia Bela Vista -
Pará Itaituba Moraes Almeida -
Pará Santarém Arapixuna -
Ceará Arneiroz Novo Horizonte -
Ceará Jaguaruana Figueiredo -
Ceará Jaguaruana Jurema -
Minas Gerais Aimorés São José do Limoeiro -
Minas Gerais Berizal Serra do Anastácio -
Minas Gerais Bocaina de Minas Santo Antônio do Alto Rio Grande -
Minas Gerais Brazópolis Cruz Vera -
Minas Gerais Buritis Vila Serrana -
Minas Gerais Caraí Queixadinha -
Minas Gerais Caraí Santa Luiza dos Corujas -
Minas Gerais Caraí Ribeirão de Santana -
Minas Gerais Delfim Moreira Barra de Delfim Moreira -
Minas Gerais Inhapim Córrego Januário -
Minas Gerais Inhapim São José do Peixe de Inhapim -
Minas Gerais Inhapim São José do Taquaral -
Minas Gerais Jacutinga São Luiz Gonzaga -
Minas Gerais Rio do Prado Vila Formosa de Minas -
Minas Gerais Salinas Nova Fátima de Salinas -
Minas Gerais Três Pontas Quilombo Nossa Senhora do Rosário -
Rio de Janeiro Mangaratiba São João Marcos -
Rio de Janeiro Mangaratiba Praia Grande -
Federal District Brasília - SIA
Federal District Brasília - SCIA
Federal District Brasília - Sudoeste/Octogonal
Federal District Brasília - Águas Claras
Federal District Brasília - Vicente Pires
Federal District Brasília - Itapoã
Federal District Brasília - Fercal
Federal District Brasília - Jardim Botânico
Federal District Brasília - Riacho Fundo II
Federal District Brasília - Park Way
Federal District Brasília - Varjão
Federal District Brasília - Sobradinho II

In the most recent survey, referring to 2020, the Brazilian territorial structure kept its 5,568 municipalities, number it reached in 2013. In addition to these municipalities, there is a federal district (Brasília) and a state district in Pernambuco (Fernando de Noronha).

The intra-municipal divisions, on the other hand, undergo more intense changes. In 2020, there were a total of 10,631 municipal districts and 683 subdistricts, against 10,630 districts and 689 subdistricts in 2019. The differences are related to the termination of those structures by the municipalities in charge of them.

As part of its institutional mission, the IBGE registers events concerning the Brazilian Territorial Division - DTB in order to update information on the country's territory in order to structure geoscientific studies and update the Census Mapping for operational purposes for Surveys, Censuses and for the disclosure of Statistical Data.