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IBGE releases updating of names of Brazilian municipalities

Section: Geosciences

February 23, 2021 10h00 AM | Last Updated: February 23, 2021 11h34 AM

The IBGE releases today the updated list of the changes of the Legal Toponyms of the Brazilian Municipalities. They are the place names, periodically updated in the IBGE´s territorial structures database. The new version brings the four most recent changes and all the previous ones. The table with the changes can be accessed here

The current version brings the four updates taken place in 2020 up to February 2021. The list is an Excel spreadsheet that also shows the 126 previous changes. It includes the previous name of the municipality, the current name, the reason for changing and the date in which the place name was changed in the IBGE registry.

The four municipalities that had their names updated were: Grão-Pará (SC), Atílio Vivácqua (ES), Pingo-d'Água (MG) and Amparo do São Francisco (SE).

Toponyms reflect and perpetuate the local history and culture by referring to a relevant fact or person during the occupation process, or by portraying the feeling of belonging and identity with the territory.

The new place names are included in all the geographic and statistical documents produced by the IBGE, such as: Municipal Maps of the Population Estimates, Continuous Cartographic Base of the Federation Units, Continuous Cartographic Base of Brazil to the Millionth - BCIM, National Spatial Data Infrastructure - INDE and IBGE Cities, as well as SIDRA.