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IBGE releases map on Brazilian Geodetic System Networks

Section: Geosciences

December 08, 2020 10h00 AM | Last Updated: December 08, 2020 10h00 AM

Today, the IBGE makes available the Map of the Brazilian Geodetic System Networks (SGB) - version 2020, scale 1: 5 000 000 - in which 1 centimeter is equivalent to 50 kilometers. The product is aimed at students and professionals in education, engineering, georeferencing, public management and scientific studies.

The wall map depicts the five networks of the country's geodetic system: the gravimetric one (composed by gravimetric stations, with information on the acceleration of gravity), the altimetric one (composed of level references, which have accurate heights obtained through geometric leveling ) and planialtimetric (composed by SAT stations, whose geodetic coordinates were obtained through positioning by GNSS satellites).

In the context of active geodesic networks, the current configuration of the Geodetic Permanent Tide Gauge Network is presented, which, using sensors installed in each station, can detect variations in sea level in order to relate coastal altimetric systems with the Brazilian Geodetic System (SGB) and climate studies, and the Brazilian Network for Continuous Monitoring of GNSS Systems (RBMC), whose GNSS data are used to determine precision coordinates, essential for several applications, such as precision agriculture, atmospheric studies and land demarcation, among others).

The map provides an overview of the distribution of the geodetic stations which integrate these networks in the Brazilian territory, and presents, individually, each type of network, on three maps scaled as 1:22 000 000 (1cm = 220 km). Due to the high number of geodetic stations, the State of Rio de Janeiro, the Federal District and the regions of Florianópolis and Recife are highlighted, with specific scales.

The product was made based on information from October 2020, obtained from the Geodetic Database (BDG), and from 2016, for the Continuous Cartographic Base from Brazil to the Millionth (BCIM). Complete information about each station within the networks can be obtained at BDG Portal. The map is available in PDF.