IBGE releases update of names of Brazilian municipalities

Section: Geosciences

May 18, 2020 10h00 AM | Last Updated: May 18, 2020 02h20 PM

The Changes in Toponyms (names) of municipalities, 2019  edition, presents the six latest changes and all the previous ones. The tables with the current changes is available here.

The IBGE releases today an update of the list of changes in the Legal Toponyms of Brazilian municipalities. That is the list of municipality names, which are periodically updated in the  structure database of the Institute. 

The current edition presents six updates occurred in 2019 and up to January. The list is available as an excel spreadsheet and encompasses the 121 previous modifications, with the former and the current name of the municipality, the reason for change, and the date of entry in the IBGE list.  

The municipalities whose names were updated were: Ereré (CE), Tabocão (TO), São Tomé das Letras (MG), Campo Grande (RN), Chavantes (SP) and Dona Euzébia (MG).

The toponyms reflect and preserve part of the local history and culture, as they evoke a relevant fact or someone's actions during the process of occupation of that place, or even represent the feeling of belongingness and identification towards a given territory. 

The new toponyms are incorporated into all the statistical and geographic documents produced by the IBGE, such as: Municipal Maps for Population Estimates, Continuous Cartographic Base of the Federation Units – BCIM, National Spatial Data Infrastructure (INDE), Cities IBGE, Brazil in Figures, Statistical Yearbook, besides the SIDRA.