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IBGE launches new volume of the Journal of Brazilian Geography

Section: Geosciences

April 28, 2020 10h00 AM | Last Updated: April 28, 2020 03h46 PM

The publication brings two reviews and two articles this semester, approaching subjects from the sustainable use of soils to the cartographic representation of the physical-geographic landscape, including 50 years of an urban geography classic.

The journal can be accessed here.

The IBGE releases today the second number of volume 64 of the Journal of Brazilian Geography - RBG. This edition includes an article from researchers of the Federal University of Bahia Recôncavo - UFRB, which discusses the limits of sustainable use of the soil in the Jiboia Mountain, a massif that contains the last remainder of the Atlantic Forest in the southwest of the Bahia Recôncavo.

Another article – signed by professors Raul Sanchez Vicens, from the Fluminense Federal University - UFF and José Mateo Rodrigues, from the University de la Habana (Cuba), as well as Felipe Mendes Cronemberger, from the IBGE´s Coordination of Geography – introduces the principles of cartographic representation of the physical-geographic landscape or natural landscape, as a summary unit of the natural complexity of the earth´s  surface.

Written by professor Roberto Lobato Corrêa, the first review of this edition celebrates 50 years of the launching of Geography perspective on urban systems, organized by Brian Berry and Frank Horton. This is a classic of urban geography that marked the formation of researchers in this area in Brazil and abroad, being also a reference in the urban studies of theoretical (or quantitative) geography.

The second review talks about the works presented in the I Luso-Brazilian Conference on Theory and History of Geography, held at the Center of Geographic Studies of the University of Lisboa - CEG-ULisboa in November 2017. This is an effort to foster a higher interaction between the schools of geographic thinking of Brazil and Portugal.

Edited by the IBGE, the RBG is a digital scientific publication published twice in the year, in April and September. Works can be continuously submitted by researchers from national and international institutions, including the IBGE. To access the complete content or submit works, visit the Journal of Brazilian Geography portal.