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IBGE releases new version of Continuous Cartographic Base of Brazil, in 1:250,000 scale

Section: Geosciences

November 27, 2019 10h00 AM | Last Updated: November 27, 2019 10h50 AM

Reference to the actions of territorial planning, monitoring and management, as well as to the update of the information about natural resources in Brazil, the Continuous Cartographic Base of Brazil is already available in its 2019 version. The IBGE releases today, November 27, 2019, on its portal, one more update of this important set of data, in the 1:250,000 scale - BC250 (1cm = 2.5km).

In the 2019 version, the major change is the release of the base under a new data model, implemented according to the 3.0 version of the Technical Specifications for Structuring Vector Geospatial Data - ET-EDGV 3.0. Nineteen information categories are included in this new model, some of them resulting from the aggregation and/or separation of others existing in the previous version, like the Airport Subsystem (AER), Pipeline Subsystem (DUT), Railway Subsystem (FER), Road Subsystem (ROD), Waterway Subsystem (HDV), Borders and Localities (LML), Base Classes of the Topographic Mapping in Large Scale (GBGE) and Culture and Leisure (LAZ).

Obtained in 2019, images of the Sentinel-2 satellite were incorporated into the production of the 2019 version of BC250. It updated a number of data of the version launched in 2017. Field update campaigns were also made and cartographic inputs from partner institutions were used. The geodetic and cartographic references use the SIRGAS 2000 reference system, with a system of geographic coordinates. Click here to access it.

Available in several formats and compatible with different software

The Program of Permanent Update of the Continuous Cartographic Base aims at providing the society with a set of structured, continuous and up-to-date digital geospatial data of the entire Brazilian territory, in the 1:250,000 scale, providing information related to positioning, geographic name and classification of the elements represented.

The BC250 is available in free format (shapefile, geopackage and PostGis dump) for use by Geographic Information Systems and is also compatible with a number of software for reading this type of data.

The updated cartographic information is available in details in the technical documentation enclosed in the base files, available here. The BC250 can also be accessed through the IBGE´s Interactive Geographic Platform, of the INDE geoportal and its metadata can be found in the IBGE catalog.

Overview of the Vector Continuous Cartographic Base of Brazil, in the 1:250,000 scale - BC250