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Journal of Brazilian Geography celebrates 80 years

Section: Geosciences

September 03, 2019 09h00 AM | Last Updated: September 05, 2019 10h08 AM

The IBGE launches today the new edition of the Journal of Brazilian Geography - RBG. This semester, the publication celebrates 80 years of the first edition, launched in 1939, which established the statistical and geographic bases for the first Brazilian Population Census in 1940.

The new volume brings accounts of scholars and researchers from universities and other Brazilian institutions, stressing the importance of the IBGE, of the Census and of other projects in the development of their works. In addition, IBGE experts talk about the relevance of the institution to build public policies, decisions on investments, knowledge of the environment and socio-spatial dynamics of the territory, diagnoses of social vulnerabilities and mitigation of the impacts of disasters, as well as to subsidize different survey areas in the national scenario.

Among the continuously submitted articles, the highlights are the discussion on the management of water resources in a scenario of urban expansion, brought by professor Gisela Pires do Rio (Department of Geography/UFRJ) and a work of IBGE experts discussing the application of the concepts of integration and articulation in the IBGE´s urban surveys.

This edition also brings a special tribute to one of the authors, José Manuel Mateo Rodriguez, a Cuban geographer with significant production in the areas of education in geography, environmental geography and cultural geography, who passed away right before the launching of the RBG.

Edited by the IBGE, the RBG is a digital scientific publication published twice in the year, in March and August. Works can be continuously submitted by researchers from national and international institutions, including the IBGE. To access the complete content or submit works, visit the Journal of Brazilian Geography portal.