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Registrations open to ENCE's postgraduate program

Section: IBGE

August 26, 2019 02h00 PM | Last Updated: September 03, 2019 10h32 AM

The registration period for the selective process of the Postgraduate Program in Population, Territory and Public Statistics of the IBGE's National School of Statistical Sciences (ENCE) is open until October 04. There are up to 24 vacancies for the Master's Program and up to 10 for the Doctoral Program, with the possibility of earning either Capes's or IBGE's scholarships.

The fellowship selection follows the ranking classification in the selective process. Fellowships can be granted for 24 months for the Master’s Program and for 48 months for the Doctoral Program. In order to be eligible for a fellowship, the student cannot earn any payments from employment relationships, retirement pensions or welfare pensions.

The selective process is composed of three stages, the first one has an exclusively eliminatory nature and the other two have an eliminatory and classificatory nature. The writing tests of the first and second stages will occur on October 18 and the oral tests on December 2 and 3. All the stages of the selective process will occur in the headquarters of Escola Nacional de Ciências e Estatísticas (National School of Statistical Sciences), in Rio de Janeiro. The final results will be published on December 10 2019.  

The ENCE’s Postgraduate Program demands full dedication. The academic year for the new classes of the Master’s and Doctoral Programs begin in March 2020.  The ENCE’s Master’s and Doctoral Programs are graded 4 in Capes’s rating.

The public notice on the selective process can be accessed here.

Registrations are in person or by sedex

The registration period for the selective process falls between 19 August - 4 October 2019, in the period of 10:00-14:30 and 16:30-20:30 (UTC-Brasilia).


Applicants should be present at the ENCE’s Secretaria da Gerência de Registro e Controle (Secretariat of Registry and Control Management -GRC) at André Cavalcanti St., no106, room 105. Registrations will also be accepted by SEDEX. The mailing deadline is 4th October. Applicants who have chosen SEDEX should send an e-mail to to notify the mailing date. For further information, applicants can contact the phone numbers: (21) 2142-4691 or (21) 2142-4696.

Course System

In the Master’s Program, students should complete the credit hours in 12 months and dedicate the second academic year to the developing of their thesis. The current deadline for the Thesis Defense is 24 months from the beginning of the Master’s Program.

In the Doctoral Program, students should complete the credit hours in 24 months and dedicate the last two years preparing themselves for the Qualification Exam and developing their dissertation. The current deadline for the Dissertation Defense is 48 months from the beginning of the Doctoral Program.

The ENCE’s Postgraduate Program has two lines of research: Population, Territory and Living Conditions and Production of Public Statistics. The former focuses on the study of population and territorial dynamics and on the population's living conditions, encompassing social, economic and environmental aspects, and the second one, on the planning and operation of censuses, sample surveys and administrative records used for the production of public statistics regarding population and territorial dynamics and the population’s living conditions.