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IBGE releases questionnaire for the 2020 Census

Section: IBGE

July 01, 2019 02h00 PM | Last Updated: July 02, 2019 02h10 PM

The IBGE releases today, as the result of recent month's work, the questions for the 2020 Population Census. The basic questionnaire, to be administered in about 71 million housing units, has nine sections, subdivided into 26 questions, since the last one, already expected, had not been counted in advance as it does not demand a response by the informant. 

The sample questionnaire, which is more detailed, has 17 sections and a total 76 questions. Because it is longer, that questionnaire will be administered in about 10% of the permanent private housing units, that is, approximately 7.1 million.

The topic that will be surveyed in the 2020 Census are: characteristics of housing units, ethic-racial identification, nuptiality, nuclear family, fertility, religion of cult, disability, internal or international migration, education, commuting to study, labor and income, commuting to work, mortality. 

The 2020 Census will collect information from all the 5,570 Brazilian municipalities. About 180 thousand enumerators will be hired, on a temporary basis, by means of competitive examinations conducted in all the 27 states in Brazil. From August to October 2020, the enumerators will visit the housing units in order to investigate the mais characteristics of the Brazilian population, which is currently estimated at 213 million residents.