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IBGE updates list of municipalities, districts and municipal sub-districts of Brazil

Section: Geosciences

February 04, 2019 10h00 AM | Last Updated: February 04, 2019 11h09 AM

The IBGE updated once again the list of municipal sub-divisions in Brazil.

The tables with this information are available on the IBGE Portal.

The Brazilian Territorial Division details the territorial structure of Brazil, listing the Macro-regions, Federation Units, Mesoregions, Microregions and Municipalities, as well as their internal sub-divisions, the districts and sub-districts or administrative regions. The IBGE systematizes all this information through annual updates, monitoring likely changes in the Political-Administrative Division. 

In the most recent survey, related to 2018, the Brazilian territorial structure had 5,568 municipalities, a figure kept stable since 2013. A federal district (Brasília) and a state district in Pernambuco (Fernando de Noronha) should be added to those municipalities.

The sub-divisions added up to 10,496 municipal districts and 683 sub-districts or municipal administrative regions.