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Enterprises that did not respond to IBGE´s annual surveys have to send questionnaires up to September 15

Section: IBGE

September 13, 2018 03h00 PM | Last Updated: September 14, 2018 11h10 AM

The data collection of structural surveys by the IBGE (Annual Industrial Survey Enterprise - PIA Enterprise, Annual Industrial Survey Product - PIA Product, Annual Survey of Trade - PAC, Annual Survey of Construction Industry - PAIC, Annual Survey of Services - PAS) ended on July 31, but enterprises that did not provide information within the initial term can still regularize their situation until September 15.

 About 83.9% of the enterprises sought have responded to the surveys. As of September 16, enterprises that did not respond will be notified and considered to be in default with the IBGE. The notified companies will have until October 31 to send the questionnaire and regularize their situation.

 In addition to collecting information on employees, wages, revenues, costs and expenses of their segments, surveys also serve as the basis for the calculation of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for Brazil, states and the Federal District. This information provides the most comprehensive source of statistics on the subject, providing elements for public planning, knowledge of these business sectors to enterprises and academic studies, and general information for society.

 The provision of information for survey purposes is mandatory and all data provided are confidential and used exclusively for statistical purposes, as provided by the legislation that protects the operation of the IBGE (Decree-Law no. 161, of February 13, 1967; Law No. 5,534, of November 14, 1968; Law No. 5,878, of May 11, 1973).

 The questionnaires are available for download here. For more information, contact the IBGE Service Center at 0800 721 81 81 or look for the IBGE unit in your locality.