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IBGE releases report on its network for sea level monitoring

Section: Geosciences

December 09, 2013 09h00 AM | Last Updated: April 24, 2018 06h54 PM

IBGE releases today, December 09, 2013, the Report on the Monitoring of the Change of Mean Sea Level in the Stations of Permanent Geodetic Tide Gauge Network (RMPG) - 2001 to 2012. The report presents the equipments used in the RMPG Stations and describes in details the procedures of data control and treatment. There were no changes in the vertical reference systems of Brazil (stations of Imbituba, SC, and SAntana, AP - vertical datums in Brazil), but the report points out to a future release of the final results of the reprocessing of all tidal and geodetic information collected at the RMPG stations.

The Report on the Monitoring of the Change of Mean Sea Level in the RMPG Stations (RMPG) - 2001-2012 is available in PDF format on link

In charge of the vertical datums, IBGE has introduced 12 years ago the Permanent Maregraphic Network Stations for Geodesy, aiming at correlating sea level data and terrestrial altitudes. IN addition to the tide gauge equipments installed in the five RMPG stations (Santana, Amapá; Fortaleza, Ceará; Salvador, Bahia; Macaé, Rio de Janeiro; and Imbituba, Santa Catarina), IBGE has been installing GPS satellite signal receivers to monitor potential movements on the Earth's crust nearby the tide gauges and make the proper corrections. 

The information produced by the RMPG stations is relevant for a number of purposes, such as reducing the drilling activities for the conservation and expansion of port capacity and navigable waterways, implementation of infraestructure (ports, highways, sewage and water systems) in coastal regions and study of potential measures for the adaptation and reduction of the impacts from the global sea level rise.