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IBGE releases Input-Output Matrix 2010

September 28, 2016 04h17 PM | Last Updated: January 22, 2018 02h59 PM



The IBGE makes available today the results of the Input-Output Matrix for the year 2010, based on the Table of Resources and Uses, whose results were put out in 2015 following the latest international recommendations. The present study brings the model which the IBGE used to calculate the matrix of technical coefficients for Brazil in 2010 and the procedures adopted in the adaptation of the theoretical suggestions to the Brazilian context. The complete publication is available here.

The Input-Output Matrices are designed based on the data from the Brazilian National Accounts. Building a matrix involves an initial phase of design of the Table of Resources and Uses, in which supply/demand data, intermediate and final, of goods are priced for consumers, i. e., adding up taxes and margins on net products to basic prices. A set of tables provide details on production and consumption operations, by activity, which generate the matrices of technical coefficients.

Input-Output Matrices started being produced by the IBGE in the 1970s. Two procedure changes were introduced in the calculation of the basic frameworks after the 1990 Matrix: the methodology, then, based on the availability of the censuses, was modified so that the frameworks could go on being produced without census references; and the integration of the System of National Accounts nowadays follows the recommendations of the International System of National Accounts 2008, SNA 2008.