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IBGE releases vector maps on the hydrogeology of the South Region

Section: Geosciences

March 30, 2015 11h20 AM | Last Updated: January 18, 2018 05h42 PM


IBGE makes available a set of hydrogeological data (science which studies groundwaters) of the South Region of the country in digital format (shape) and in PDF format. The information, surveyed by IBGE and other bodies which work in this area, aims at enhancing knowledge on the behavior of aquifers (geological formations capable of storing, moving and producing groundwaters) in the South Region. Moreover, the results give support to the planning, management and rational, sustainable use of water resources. Such maps can be accessed on


The hydrogeological map of the South Region in a vector format allows the user a greater possibility of manipulation. The scale used is 1:1,700.000 (1 cm = 17 km).

The map divides cartographically a set of hydrogeological units, based on their geological characteristics and on the flow rates of drilled tubular wells in this region; 19.707 of such wells were used in this survey. As a result, three major hydrogeological sets or domains can be identified: porous, fissural and porous-fissural; the variations of potentiality are identified in the map through the tonal gradation from lighter colors (lower productivity) to darker colors (higher productivity).