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2022 Census

IBGE stand is a success among mayors and visitors in March to Brasília

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April 28, 2022 02h00 PM | Last Updated: April 28, 2022 04h45 PM

#PraCegoVer A foto mostra a tela interativa do IBGE que permite o acesso ao site do IBGE. Tem um rapaz mostrando seu funcionamento e pessoas em volta assistindo.
Interactive display allowed mayors and city councilors to access the Cities Portal and the IBGE website. Photo: Cal Guimarães/IBGE News Agency

Beyond the signature of the cooperation agreement with the CNM (National Confederation of Municipalities) for the 2022 Census, the IBGE stand also stood out in the March to Brasília, which closes today (28). The stand was a success in the exhibition area. Mayors, vice-mayors, secretaries, city councilors, advisors and other participants, who amounted to 7 thousand people, could clear their doubts on the census operation this year and search specific information about their cities on the IBGE Portal.

The 16-square meter equipment counted with a LED panel measuring 6 meters of length and 3 meters of height, on which videos about the importance of the 2022 Census were exhibited to the public, highlighting the capture of coordinates. Those who approached to ask something or clear doubts could watch a training about the Census.

“There were cases in which mayors cleared doubts about geo-referencing in real time: while we explained to him, the display exhibited a video showing the technology,” tells Cláudio Marques Barbosa, the Census Operational Coordinator. The LED display also showed images of the Census National Test, carried out in November last year in 27 Federation Units.

The stand also counted with an interactive display to access the IBGE website and the 2022 Census hotsite. The major attraction was the Cities Portal, a system that gathers IBGE information about the Brazilian  municipalities and states, showing results of surveys, infographs and maps of the municipalities. Data like population and schooling rate of the 2010 Census and the Population Estimate for 2021 were accessed all the time by mayors, secretaries and city councilors, who even formed lines to check the information of their municipalities.

“I didn´t know the Cities Portal and I liked it very much. It is another important tool that the IBGE makes available for the development of public policies. The stand allowed to view and obtain such information,” praised Ribamar Ferreira, a municipal agent in Governador Mangabeira (BA). “It certainly encouraged municipal managers to install the IBGE application in their cell phones,” agreed Cláudio Barbosa.

#PraCegoVer A foto mostra uma mulher escrevendo no mural do estande do IBGE.
Participants left messages about the importance of the 2022 Census on the stand´s wall. Photo: José Luiz Tavares/Agência CNM

The interactive wall was another highlight in the stand. Participants of the March could leave a message about the 2022 Census on the back of the equipment. “We have just heard about the importance of the Census to follow up indicators and public funding, so I was encouraged to write about the relevance of the survey,” praised Gilda Lopes Cordeiro, secretary of Health in Malacacheta (MG). The IBGE stand also provided visitors with printed material like leaflets and booklets explaining the 2022 Census.

Check the testimony of some participants

“The stand was a strength due to its visibility, even for those who could not talk with us. The continuous exhibition of the 2022 Census message was very important.” André Urpia, head of the State Unit of Bahia.

“It was really good to host mayors. The amount of managers and city councilors who visited the stand showed that municipalities are very interested in the IBGE.” Roberto Kern, head of the State Unit of Santa Catarina.

“The amount of mayors and authorities asking about the IBGE and the 2022 Census, all of them being assisted in real time was a highly positive point.” Sinval Dias dos Santos, advisor of the Presidency of the IBGE

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